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Initial Firefighter Course (IFFC)

Gain certification that allows you to work at firefighter level at any UK-licensed aerodrome.

Initial Firefighter Course (IFFC)
“This training was the best I have received in the seven years I have been in the fire brigade, except the EFAD. It was beneficial to our role as firefighters and in my opinion, we do not do enough of this type of training.”

Course aim

Gain a thorough understanding of how a team should operate together, understand risk including how to minimise personal exposure to it. Finally, to demonstrate links to the training units of CAP 699.

Course objectives

This course is practically oriented, demonstrating how to save lives and deal with incidents at aerodromes. Amongst other activities students will be able to:

  • Extinguish or control fire
  • Manage risk to prevent incidents occurring
  • Respond to emergencies efficiently
  • Contain spillages of hazardous substances
  • Manage personal performance.

You will also experience

Physical and practical training in our dedicated fire training centre, which requires you to prove your physical fitness in advance.

  • Duration
    Six weeks
  • Cost / dates
    Please call +44 (0) 1293 503 015 to discuss

Enquiries and bookings

Gatwick Fire is less than 30 minutes from central London and course accommodation is provided
by Hilton Gatwick South Terminal.

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